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A cruise on the Nile is a great way to explore Egypt. Fantastic views, oriental landscapes and the atmosphere of an exotic journey will be remembered for a long time.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Hurghada International Airport
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
Airfare Accommodations
Local transportation Professional guide
Entrance fees
Guide gratuity

If you feel like visiting Upper Egypt, we invite you to the Nile Cruise. An old Egyptian proverb says “Egypt as a gift of the Nile”. The Egyptians have for centuries owed their existence to the Nile River. The area around the Nile accumulates many monuments. A Nile cruise is a great way to learn about the history of Egypt. Cruise ships stop in the most interesting areas from Luxor to Aswan. The duration of the trip is 5 days and 4 nights or 7 days and 6 nights. For groups of about 6 people, we organize cruises on the Nile with a 5 * luxury ship.


Day 1: Arrival

Arrival in Hurghada. Accommodation in a 5 * hotel, All Inclusive option


Day 2: Hurghada - Luxor

Early morning trip to Luxor. Visiting the Temple of Karnak, Luxor Temple. Lunch in a local but very elegant restaurant known for its good cuisine. After lunch, cruise to the other side of the Nile and visit the Colossi of Memnon and the beautiful Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Accommodation in a 5 * hotel, option HB. In the evening, take a walk around Luxor. We will visit the most famous cafe in Luxor, where we will smoke the aromatic shisha and listen to stories about the life of the Egyptians. Return to the hotel.

Day 3: Esna - El Kab - Quessia

After breakfast, check out and transfer to Esna. Accommodation on a LuxuryDahabiya boat. Visiting the Temple of Esna and a cruise to Medinet El Kab.
El Kab is a prehistoric settlement, rock tombs, remains of temples from the early dynasty (3100-2686 BC) to the Ptolemaic period
(332-30 B.C.), walls of a Coptic monastery. The cemetery has several important tombs: Sobeknakht II or Setau (priest during the reign of Ramses II). Near the city center there are remains of sandstone temples dedicated to the deities of Nechbet iThoth. A place for people fascinated by ancient culture, extraordinary.
Lunch will be served on a boat or on a calm, green shore of the island. We will also spend the night here.

Day 4: Edfu - Wadi el Shat

We sail to Edfu and visit the Temple of Horus, one of the best preserved temples in Egypt. Then we will visit small villages scattered along the Nile, we will have the opportunity to see the daily lives of Egyptians away from tourist destinations. It will also be time to relax. We will spend the night at one of the islands on the Nile.

Day 5: Gebel el Silsila - Kom Ombo - Maniha

We sail to Gebel el Silsila. Here, the Nile narrows and the high sandstone rocks go up to the shore creating a beautiful gorge. In ancient times this place was known as Khennui or “paddling place”. Gebel el-Silsila became an important worship center and each year at the time of the flooding of the Nile, sacrifices were made to the gods of the Nile asking them for prosperity for the coming year.
It is also the largest quarry where sandstone was mined for the construction of temples, e.g. in Karnak or Ramesseum and Medinet Habu. Today it is an archaeological site.
It is here that you can see the ruins of temples dedicated to Pharaohs: Horemheb, Seti I, Ramses II and Merenptah. Then we head up the Nile towards the double temple of Haroeris and Sobek in Kom Ombo. We will spend the night mooring at Maniha Island.

Day 6: Daraw - El Koubania - Aswan

We’re heading towards the village of Daraw. During the cruise there is time to relax after New Year’s Eve. In Daraw we go on a trip to the village, visit the local bazaars and the last stop on the famous 40-day desert route Sudan – Egypt. The undoubted attraction will be the camel market. Some animals came to Daraw all the way from Sudan. Camels, sellers, buyers – it is not known who will shout louder. People dressed in traditional clothes willingly take pictures and look at the pictures on the camera preview. Children running around, laughter, movement. You can’t describe it, you have to experience it. That day we will also visit the picturesque Nubian village of El Koubania, near Aswan.

Day 7: Aswan - Hurhgada

After breakfast we will go to Abu Simbel and visit Aswan. Return to Hurghada and accommodation in a 4 * hotel in the All Inclusive option

Day 8: Return

Check-out from the hotel and transfer to Hurghada airport. Departure to your country.

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