Top Sights to see in Luxor Egypt
Sights to see in Luxor

It can be cheaper to pay in £GB than to change money and pay in local currency

The prices listed are typical standard prices charged by local agents, taken from their own printed price lists.

Prices vary not only according to local cost changes but also according to the current exchange rates, because some of the trips are paid by the agents to the operators in US dollars. The prices also vary between agents, even those with agencies next door to each other, so it is worth checking several lists for the best price.

You may be able to haggle down, especially if you do more than one trip, or if you are in a big group, or if you quote a competitor’s price.

There are local agents selling trips like these all over Luxor. There are several along the Corniche on both sides of the Old Winter Palace and there are more amongst the hotels on the south side of town. European Package tour companies sell similar trips, but usually at much higher prices.

Because the local agents tend to round the figures when converting between currencies, it may be cheaper to pay in £GB than to change money and pay in local currency.



Brief description





West Bank - standard

Visit Hatshepsut's temple, the Colossi of Memnon and a few tombs
in the Valley of the Kings.
The standard price does not include Tutankhamun's tomb and nowadays tends not to go to the Valley of the Queens.

LE320 - 330

Half day


Some of the most famous tombs. A half-day is a
bit rushed. If there are several of you it is cheaper to hire a
taxi (on either side of the river) and go on your
own, or in your own private group, at your own pace. A taxi from
the West Bank should cost about £10 (LE100 - LE120) (per taxi, not per
person) for about 4 hours. If you do it on your own you will also
need to add the cost of entry tickets.

Tutankhamun's Tomb and mummy

This is an 'add on', once you are at the Valley of the Kings. You pay extra for access to this small tomb where you can see the original decorated burial chamber and now also the mummy of Tutankhamun, which is in a temperature and humidity-controlled case in an antechamber.

LE100 on top of entry to the Valley of the Kings

About an extra 30 minutes depending on the queue


This is very popular so visitors are moved on quite quickly. The number of visitors allowed into the tomb will be limited to 200 in the morning and 200 in the afternoon. It is closed between noon and 2pm. In practice, these restrictions don't have much effect when tourist numbers are low so the Valley is quiet. A replica tomb of Tutankhamun is now open near Carter's house.

West Bank - different

Less commonly visited tombs, temples and sights on the West Bank,
such as the Valleys of the Nobles and the Workers, the temple at
Medinet Habu and the site of the tomb builders' houses at Dier-El-Medina.

LE250 - 270

Half day


There are group tours but get a local agent to arrange
one privately for you. Tombs in
the Valleys of the Nobles and the Workers (or artisans) are much
less visited than those in the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, but
also more awkward to get to and to get around. Wear sensible shoes.
The temple at Medinet Habu has more colour than Luxor Temple.

East Bank

Luxor and Karnak Temples

LE250 - 300

Half day


Both temples at once is too much, especially on a hot day. Better
and cheaper to go by taxi to each temple on a different day and hire
a guide privately.

Sound and light show

At Karnak Temple. Usually several showings each night in different
languages. See the Entry fees page for more details.


2 hours


Find out when the show is in your language. It is cheaper to make your own way to the temple and get a ticket at the gate.

Hot air balloon

Balloon ride over the West Bank, usually at dawn. Should last about 45 minutes, but can be more, or less, depending on weather
conditions and on air traffic control. Occasionally they go
over the Nile and land on the East Bank - depending on wind direction
and air traffic control.

LE250 - 400

3 hours total.

Usually 40-90 minutes in the air depending on conditions and permissions.

Possibly small breakfast

Check that the balloons are operating. They are stopped frequently by the authorities or if the winds are not right.

There were three serious balloon accidents in 2009 and an even more tragic one in February 2013. You should be aware of the risks and make sure you have insurance that covers you for balloon flights

"Breakfast' is usually a hot drink and biscuits on the motor
boat crossing to the west bank before the flight.

Horse, donkey or camel ride

Usually on the West Bank.

LE50 - 75

1-2 hours (including getting there)


Usually includes a boat to the West Bank and a ride along
the west bank of the Nile. Typically tourist.

Alternatively, pay
a bit more to hire a donkey with guide to take you somewhere more
meaningful, such as up the hills behind the tombs and Hatshepsut's


Sail on the Nile. You can probably arrange to get dropped off
at your hotel if it is along the Nile Bank.

LE50 - 75


LE100+ with a meal


LE200 for half-day with food

per hour



None. They might make you a cup of tea.

It is cheaper to arrange a trip privately. Walk along the Nile and choose
your boat and captain. Some hotels also have their own feluccas and charge from LE20 per person per hour.

Fellah's tent

Felucca trip to a tent, not very far from town, in the
grounds of the Maritim Jolie Ville hotel. If you are already at the Jolie Ville, they will take you for a trip and bring you back. Dress up in a cheap local galabaya, which you can keep: eat, drink as much local stuff as you want and watch local entertainment - snakes and belly dancers usually involved.

LE340 - 350

4 - 5 hours late afternoon and early evening

Evening meal and drinks

version of the inevitable package tour eat and drink evening. Fun if you like that sort of thing.

You could make your own way to the Maritim Jolie Ville hotel and buy the ticket there. If you are not part of a tour company group the hotel will arrange a taxi (typically LE25) to get you back to your hotel afterwards.

Ace Animal Care Centre

Visit the centre where working animals are looked after and treated. If you go by caleche, the horse will be checked over and washed while you are there.

Not usually on agents' lists.

2 hours is usually enough


Arrange privately. You can go by taxi or caleche. Make sure you agree a price before you go: LE60 per taxi or caleche (there, wait and return) is fair.

Camel Market

A livestock market on the outskirts of Luxor, where donkeys and horses, as well as camels, are bought and sold.

Not usually on agents' lists.

2 or 3 hours is usually enough (Tuesdays only)


Arrange privately with a taxi driver. You can also go by caleche. Some hotels may organise a trip. If you go by caleche make sure you agree a price before you go and stick to it. They will often agree LE60 - 80 before you go (which is fair for a whole caleche, not per person) but press you for more when you get back. LE80 for a taxi is fair, including waiting for you, but add a tip, especially if the driver has to wait for you for a long time.

Safari oasis

Start about 7am, visit New Baris and reach the Baris Oasis
in time for lunch. Watch the sunset. Stay in your choice of tent
or hotel and return the next morning.

LE900 - 1300

2 days

1 night

Full board

Not a sand dune desert safari, but a safari over mainly rocky
terrain to a hot spring oasis and later watch the sun set. This tour may not usually operate when there are political troubles or 'terror' threats.

Quad bike

Ride a quad bike over sandy / rocky
terrain on the West Bank.

LE230 - 350

2 hours


Check your travel insurance! It may not cover this kind of activity. Can get very dusty.

Red Sea day trip

Coach or minibus, usually to Hurghada or Safaga. Some trips include
a boat trip on the red sea, snorkelling etc.

LE650 - 800

1 long day


An early start, typically 6am. At least three hours traveling each way. About 6 or 7 hours in resort. Get back around 7.30pm. A long day including at least 6 hours on the road.

Red Sea overnight

Similar to the day trip, but the traveling is spread over 2 days
and you get a decent hotel - usually 5 star - for a night.

LE800 - 1200

2 days (1 night)

Two lunches

Less exhausting than the day trip for not much more money. A better
bet if you want to go to the Red Sea and you don't mind losing 2
days in Luxor.

Aswan day trip

Coach or minibus to the high dam, the stone quarries and unfinished obelisk, Philae Temple and the

LE800 - 980

1 long day


See the town, High Dam , Obelisk. Philae temple. There may also be visits to temples along the way, usually
Edfu and Kom Ombo. Does not include Abu Simbel. A very early start and a very long
day, much of it in the car, minibus or coach. May return by train.

Aswan & Abu Simbel by day

Coach, car or minibus. May miss some of the Aswan only visits to make time to go to Abu Simbel.

LE1000 - 1500

1 very long day


There may also be some visits to temples and other sites along the way, but not a many as the trip that only goes as far as Aswan, because there is not time. Abu Simbel is a very, very long way. A very long
day, much of it on the road.

If more than one person is going it should not double the cost because there is only one vehicle and driver. Haggle!

It might not cost much more to stay overnight to make the trip more tolerable.

Aswan and Abu Simbel overnight

Adds a night and a visit to Abu Simbel to the Aswan Day trip.

LE1350 - 1750

2 days, 1 night


Same visits as the day trip. Overnight in Aswan at a good hotel.
Extremely early start on the 2nd day (e.g. 3.30am) to get to Abu
Simbel. May return from Aswan to Luxor by train.

Dendera and Abydos Temples

By coach or minibus

LE400 - 600

1 day


If you just want Dendera (and you are not in a hurry) think about the cruise instead

Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples

By coach or minibus

LE400 - 600

1 day


If you just want Edfu, consider the cruise instead


Leaves from the back of the Iberotel (used to be called
the Novotel). Notionally this tour runs on Tuesdays and Sundays, but the Tuesday one is often cancelled when there are insufficient bookings to justify 2 trips in a week and even the remaining one is subject to sufficient bookings.


1 day

Lunch & tea

Worth going for the cruise even if you don't want to get off the
boat to visit the temple. Full day. Boat leaves at about 7am and returns
about 7pm. A good day cruise although many people think it is an hour or two too long.

Edfu cruise

Join cruise boat mid-morning for lunchtime departure. Cruise to Edfu, moor overnight. Next morning visit Edfu temple and return to Luxor by road.

LE450 - 500

2 days, 1 night

Full board. Lunch & evening meal first day, breakfast 2nd day.

Uses a Luxor - Aswan full size cruise boat. A taster for the Aswan trip. Pity it doesn't arrange with a returning boat for a cruise back as well.

Nile cruise

Most durations and most standards of boat can
be arranged. The Egyptian Hotels Association lists 275 ships cruising the Nile between Aswan and Luxor, with more being built, so there is plenty of choice but 90% are out of use during the tourist lull. About half of all Nile cruise ships are listed as 5 star. It takes a
minimum of 2 days from Luxor to Aswan but usually 3. If you book for less than 5 days you
will go one way by cruise boat and the other by train or road.

Varies according to standard. Good 5* boats are
typically around LE450 per person per night through local agents depending on the season and the ship. It will be a lot more if you include the trips to temples along the way. The trips are sold to the agents in USA dollars so the cost will also vary with the exchange rate.

Minimum 2 days / nights, usually 3 days one way. At least 5 days for return trip, or 7 days if you want to allow for time at both ends.

Full board

Go for the best standard of boat you can afford.
Actual 'on the move' sailing time, including stops, is about a day, but because
of the timings and queues at the Esna locks, you will need at least 2 nights on board. You
are booking nights on the boat, not necessarily nights sailing.
Some nights may be spent in Luxor and/or Aswan and/or Esna and/or Edfu. Two
nights is enough to get to Aswan and return by train or
the other way around. An extra day and night gives you more time
in Aswan or Luxor, not more cruising. You have to allow 5 nights to fit in the return trip with a pause at Aswan. 2 days (or parts of 4 days totalling about 48 hours) will be spent sailing (one day each way).
The rest of the time you will be berthed. There are temples along the
route. You can specify a tour including or excluding temple

Cairo by air

Visit the pyramids, sphinx, museum, mosque and bazaar

LE1850 depends on flight cost which varies quite a lot

1 day


A bit rushed but a good introduction to Cairo. Entrance to the
site of the pyramids is usually included, but to go inside any of
them (different ones are open from time to time) is extra. There
is usually time for shopping before you catch the evening
flight back.

Cairo by train

Overnight train. Arrive early next morning and visit the same sights
as the trip by air. Return by overnight train.

The train service is vulnerable to interruption for serviceability and political reasons, so this trip may not run. Going by road is an uncomfortable alternative (about 9 hours on the road each way).


2 nights

1 day


You have a booked seat on the train - not a sleeper at this price.
The train is comfortable and air conditioned but can get very chilly.
Take a jumper. There may be quite a few hours in the
evening between the end of the guided part of the tour and being
picked up to get the train. Be prepared to explore on your own or
take a book.