Giza is one of the largest cities in Africa and Egypt, its official name is Giza, the informal name for Egypt used by common people is Masr. A journey to Giza is a virtual time to travel where you can enjoy visiting ( pyramids of Giza & Sphinx, The Egyptian Museum, The complex of saqqara & the step Pyramid, Dahshur pyramids, Heliopolis, Saladin Citadel, The Hanging Church, The Coptic Museum, Mosque of el-Azhar, Mosque of Mohamed Ali.

Egypt is synonymous with the river Nile and the Pyramids. The Pyramids of Giza near the Cairo city is one of the most important tourist destinations that entice modern tourists even now. These are some of the best manmade structures that have stood ground for thousands of years. The Pyramids on the Giza plateau are the most famous Pyramids of Egypt. These were built as a tomb to the Pharos of Egypt. Located a few Kilometers south of Cairo, the Giza Pyramids tour is an easily accessible tour package and hence very popular. The most important pyramid is of course the Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops which is the largest. Tourists are not allowed to go under all the Pyramids and even the Great Pyramid allows only a limited number of tourists at certain times.

The three pyramids of Giza are those of Khufu, Khfare and Menkaure. These pyramids symbolize superb mathematical, project planning, construction and organizational skills of the Ancient Egyptians. You could check out the Sphinx, the Solar Boat Museum, and many mastaba or toms located around the pyramids. You could indulge in the camel rides or do some shopping around the Pyramids for post cards and other traditional handicrafts.