Egypt, popularly known as the Cradle of Civilizations is strategically located and hence has accessibility from all parts of the world. It is located in North Africa along with the Sinai Peninsula that forms a sort of land bridge in Southwest Asia. It’s proximity to the Middle East countries make it a land of mixed cultures. The two seas that it has access to, namely the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea makes it open for a variety of travel packages. The beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean which can be accessed by such popular cities like Alexandria, the fascinating marine life of the Red Sea in places like Sinai and Marsa Alam makes it a great place for sightseeing.

The Deserts of the Sahara in Egypt, which occupies ninety percent of the area of the country’s area, holds a popular place in the Egypt Travel Packages. The beautiful Nile River along with its fascinating cruises takes you to the popular cities like Luxor, Cairo and Aswan. The fascinating monuments of the ancient world like the Pyramids and Sphinx and the various Egyptian temples of its Pantheon Gods are bound to attract and entice you. Egypt has always grown due to its lifeline the Nile river and now it’s a highly developed country which is a leading power among African countries and there are several urban cities that you can visit during your Egypt Travel Packages.

Egypt Maps

Egypt Map

In the Libyan desert there is a vast sandy area called the Great Sand Sea. There are several hollows in it, including the Qattara hollow with an area of ​​about 18,000 sq. Km. the depth of which reaches 113 m below sea level – the lowest place in Africa. Most of the Arabian desert is occupied by a plateau about 600 m high, and on the eastern edge of it are rare mountains reaching a height of 2100 m.

In the extreme south of the country, along the border with Sudan is the Nubian desert . The Sinai Peninsula is also occupied by a desert in the north and cliffs more than 2100 m high in the south off the coast of the Red Sea . The highest point in Egypt, Mount Jabal Katrina (2637 m) is located on the Sinai Peninsula. It was on it, according to the Old Testament, that Moses received the Ten Commandments. The Nile flows through the whole of Egypt from the Sudanese border to the Mediterranean Sea and almost throughout its entire length (about 1545 km) it is located in a narrow valley surrounded by cliffs.

In the south of the country is the artificial lake Nasser , formed by the Aswan Dam. In the north, near Cairo, the Nile Delta is formed with a width of about 250 km. Geographically and historically, Egypt is divided into Upper Egypt – the territory of the delta, and Lower Egypt – a narrow valley (23 km) south of Cairo.

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Cairo Map:

The Egyptian capital of Cairo (Arabic El-Qahira or Misr el-Qahira), the largest city on the African continent and in the Islamic world, long known as the “Gateway to the East” and a mediator between Christianity and Islam, lies in latitude 30°4′ north and longitude 34°17′ east with the main part of the city on the right bank of the Nile.

To the south the city reaches out by way of Old Cairo to the suburb of Maadi; to the west the newer districts spread beyond the Nile into the Western (Libyan) Desert. Cairo is the seat of government, of the Egyptian Parliament and the various Government departments and the residence of the heads of the Islamic, Coptic and Catholic Coptic religious communities.

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Hurghada Map:

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Hurghada Map

Luxor Map:

The modern town of Luxor which, by train, lies some 671 Kms. South of Cairo is part of the ancient City of Thebes, the capital, after Memphis of Pharaonic Egypt. In ancient days, “Hundered gated Thebes”, as homor called it, attracted visitors from all parts of the known world and since that time travelers to the land of Egypt have come to Luxor to wander among its antiquity-steeped remains and absorb something of the delightful atmosphere of a long by-gone age. Luxor gives the visitor a never-to-be-forgotten chance of wandering through its breath-taking time-defying temples and marveling at the deep buried majesty of its tombs all lavish with inscriptions.

The present name is derived from the Arabic El-Qusur (the “Palaces”: plural form of El-Qasr) referring to the mighty temple which was occupied until the end of the 19th.

Luxor egypt tourist map

Aswan Map:

The town Aswan (ancient Greek Syene) in Upper Egypt, celebrated for its cleanliness, lies in latitude 24° 5 north below the First Cataract.
Situated on the east bank of the Nile, partly on low ground and partly on a hill, it is a much favored winter resort thanks to its equable dry and warm climate and its sand baths, which are efficacious in the treatment of diseases of the joints.
Aswan, the capital of Egypt’s most southerly governorate and the terminus of the railroad line along the Nile Valley, has a university which is still in course of development.
As a result of the construction of the High Dam farther up the valley Aswan is now becoming one of the country’s principal industrial centers (steel, nitrogen, electric power).

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Alexandria Map:

Caesar entered Alexandria in triumph, but was then attacked by the citizens and Ptolemy XIV’s army and had considerable difficulty in maintaining his position in the Regia or “Royal City”. Cleopatra was able to win over by her charms first Caesar and later Antony, who lived with her in Alexandria from 42 to 30 B.C. Augustus enlarged the city by the addition of th suburb of Nicopolis.